Wood-Fired Pizza

What Gives Galileo’s Pizza That Unique Smoky Taste?

Is it the freshest ingredients shanghaied from local farmers before the sun even comes up? Or is it the authentic recipes brought back from the oldest Italian families? And what of the mystery sauce that’s been verbally passed down through 3 generations without ever being written down?
Of course, all of that, but there is one other secret that makes every bite mouthwatering.
The citizens of Naples, who invented the pizza in 1889, secured official EU protected status for their pizza, to distinguish it from inferior imitations. For a pizza to be “authentic”, amongst 382 other stipulations, it has to be cooked in a wood oven.
Wood fired pizzas in wood fired ovens. That’s what really makes you go…. “WOW!”

The Pure Authenticity of Old World Charm and Artisanal Bliss

You’ll know what we mean with the first sniff, the first bite. That smoky aroma, with a tantalizing little hint of something you can’t quite place. Those crunchy toppings that explode in an avalanche of taste all over your tongue. The fluffy crust, in the color of a sunset at Salthill Promenade, which dominates every other pizza you’ve ever had in your life.
For the true pizza connoisseur like you – those know their margherita from their marinara, their paddle from their peel – nothing short of sheer perfection will ever do. Our stove, with a history as rich as the land you walk on gives you nothing less.

That Bouncy Dough

Just bite down on the pizza and you’ll know the difference. Feel that bubbly and springy dough on top of your tongue? It’s soft without being soggy specifically because it was cooked in a wood fired oven. The oven spreads the 660F temperature evenly around the walls while the floor of the oven remains slightly cooler at 570F.
The wood oven crisps the outside of the pizza very quickly, while sealing off moisture in the dough. This gives the flavorful crust that’s puffy, yet soft and chewy. The even heat also gives it that golden color – like driving through acres of apple orchards at Cahir in autumn.

A moment later, the roof of your mouth explodes as it hits the toppings.

Those Perfectly Crisped Toppings

The intense heat and constant airflow in our wood-fired oven seals and cooks the toppings evenly and quickly. The vegetable toppings are crispier. The quick cooking also keeps the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetables sealed in. Whoever thought pizza could be healthy?

And that’s not all. The cheese does not burn but, instead, melts into an appealing color and smoky flavor. The sauce made from 4+ hours of slow simmered tomatoes with olive oil, herbs, and seasoning is evenly cooked and doesn’t seep into the crust to make it soggy.

As you open your mouth and suck in air to say “Oh My GOD!”… there it is again. That swirl of smoke, that hint of… apple? Olive? What is it that teases you so?

That One in a Million Taste

You’ve already figured out that the unique smoky taste comes from the wood-fired oven. But we go a step further to give you that exquisitely tantalizing taste.
We don’t stick just any wood in our ovens, no sir. No laminated or processed wood that fills your pizza with dangerous carbon monoxide. We only use hard wood that has been kiln dried for at least a year. Our ovens run on 2/3rds hardwoods beech and birch, and 1/3rd seasoned olive wood. That’s what gives our pizzas that extremely dense and light/sweet smoky flavors.

Pizza That Comes to You in 10 minutes flat

As a bonus, because of the high heat stored in the dense walls, our wood-fired pizza can be cooked in 3-5 minutes. Some restaurants might make you wait so long for a simple pizza that you start to wonder if they had to go out for cheese. Not with us.
Our pizza’s are cooked fast so you can get your teeth in before they fall out. The pizza you get is steaming hot, with no time for the rust to become soggy and little black on the crust is just perfection.

Hand Made. Wood Fired. Authentic Award Winning Pizza

Authentic pizza is great, but let’s be honest with each other shall we. You want a little bit more than blind “adherence to authenticity” for your money. You want an experience you can savor till your next big vacation. You want a taste you’ll remember as long as the world remembers your family name. You want to reach the highest throes of ecstasy known to man with each bite.