Our History

The Story of a Time When People Understood Class

As you step out of your car, onto this unassuming little street in Edenderry, you’re filled with a sense of anticipation.
There’s nothing special about the little blue door. There’s nothing fancy about the sign that says Galileo’s. There are no valets, no screaming signs, flashing lights, no floor to ceiling glass windows. No feeling of someone trying too hard to get your attention. Nothing to suggest the cooks are overcompensating for their lack of culinary talent.
The only thing that’s unusual is the couple that’s seated at the window. They wear expressions of untamed joy. They bite down into their food, and they disappear into a world of pure bliss. Why, they seem to have found the happiness you’ve been seeking all over the world.

The Hidden Gem of Edenderry

As you step through the doors, you stop and take it all in. You’ve found your second home – a little pocket universe where you can escape from the daily grind. Whether you only have 30 minutes for a quick lunch, or 3 hours for a grand 12 course dinner, you’ve arrived at a palace of conviviality.
Your personal server sits you down at a comfortable of dramatic, glazed volcanic rock. She hands you your menu. She’s happy to explain the origin of all the exotic dishes before you, and what wine pairs best with them. She shows you our extensive new and old-world wine selection.
The array of dishes makes your mouth water. You can’t wait any longer. You’re starting to understand the childlike wonder everyone else seems completely lost in. Time to feel the magic.

Authentic Where It Counts

Authentic food is great, but let’s be honest. You want a little more than blind “adherence to authenticity”.
When Galileo’s was established in 1998, we wanted to do just that – give you an experience you’d remember. Each bite of our pizza is a trip down a narrow, hidden channel off Venice’s Grand Canal. Each sip of wine is frolicking through miles of wild tulip fields just outside of Tuscany. Each bite of ice cream and cherry topped canape is as exhilarating as skiing down the slopes of aspen. Each new dish you try is like a hidden beach you discovered in the Amalfi Coast.
It’s all authentically Italian, but not the tacky tourist traps that attract the masses. It’s the food for travelers who yearn to explore the world, not tourists looking to check boxes off their BuzzFeed bucket list. It’s not flashy for the Instagram photos, it’s the food you put your phone down for, so you can value the once in a lifetime experience.

A Bite of Ecstasy, A Hint of Mystery, A Whiff of Allure

The Italian knew how to cook, but they never had the richness of the Irish larder to choose from. We of course went a step ahead and complemented it with specialty items from all over the world. Olive oil from the little municipality of San Donato Val di Comino 100km East of Rome and not to forget Wine from From all four corners of the globe.
What you see on the plate before you is the expression of many artisans, many landscapes and much hardworking talent. Most have been at this since the late nineties.  It’s hard to keep artists this good around for so long, but people who care about food will bond together, as will farmers passionate about their uniquely Irish produce.

The Heart of Paradise

From the redwood paneled bar, the white granite tiled floor, the sleek and elegant design of chocolate brown tiles and red, wall-to-wall covering, with smoked glass, powder-coated stainless steel and marble countertops – every element is designed to create culinary art.
A unique but subtle, visual access into the kitchen is available to you, wherever you sit, so you too can experience the mystery and allure that go hand in hand with all great kitchens. For the first 5 minutes you get an up close and personal view of the culinary theater that is Galileo’s. Then as your food arrives, you forget all about the world around you. One whiff and it’s as if you’ve been teleported to the top of a mountain, looking down at the bustle from a discreet distance.
All that matters now is you, and this work of art you finally get to savor.